Your Employees Are in Social Media, Why Not Turn Them Into Advocates?

In the past, organizations have tried to control how employees post in social media. Fearing what employees could say, these organizations would hamper their best advocates when they could use the medium to promote the mission and goals. There is always risk for a nonprofit organization to unleash their employees to become advocates, but the rewards are worth it.

Make it easy for employees to share news. Create a central hub on your intranet with news that’s “approved” to share. This takes away any question about what is and isn’t public info and creates a measure of convenience for people to share about what’s happening with your organization.

Reward your employees for participating. Whether it’s just a retweet or its a full blog post, rewarding employees who participate will make them feel valued and appreciated for their contributions.

Develop training and monitoring solutions. There’s some information that just shouldn’t be shared outside of an organization. Create well defined boundaries and train people on what to share and how to properly share it. Well meaning employees can share something never meant for public consumption, so create a mechanism for them to understand what can and can’t be shared.

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