There is a lot of excitement, buzz, and pressure to move marketing resources to invest in the digital space. Social media is important – according to one study, 85 percent of businesses with a dedicated social media platform reported an increase in their market exposure while 58 percent of businesses who have used social media for over 3 years have reported an increase in sales over that time. However, using social media isn’t “free” – it takes a great deal of attention, hard work, and time that many organizations just do not have.

We can help.

Social Media & Digital Strategy

Creating a dynamic and results-oriented social media strategy doesn’t actually start in social media. The most effective strategies start with your organization’s goals and long term plans. We build a social media and digital strategy based on what you want to accomplish organization-wide and develop an execution plans with these goals in mind. This creates an alignment that increases the chance for a return on investment. Approaching social media as an island all to its own will result in frustration. Let us help you create a winning social media strategy.

Developing Your Voice

Go to Facebook or Twitter and look at some of your competitors: does it sound like you expected? Does their social voice match what you see in print, radio, or on TV? Many organizations sound too corporate or way too informal in social media and aren’t matching their offline voice. We can help you translate your non-profit’s voice online and develop a community that understands what you value. Learn the ways we help our clients create an exceptional voice online.

Social Media Execution

We can help you execute in social media in a number of ways. Perhaps you have a social media team, but you need help developing messaging and strategy, or you need someone to handle all of your social media posting – either way, we can help! We work with clients to develop their content, build a community, and meet their organization’s goals.

Content Curation & Development

We can help your organization find and create compelling content. Our experts craft engaging content in your brand’s voice, create content that gets shared and gets clicks. We know how to take your content and form it for social media to meet your goals.

Community Management

You have a passion and desire for your organization’s mission to be shared: we understand how to build a community of people who want to communicate with you. Building and nurturing a community takes time. We can help develop engaging messaging, provide customer service, and create a mechanism to receive feedback from your stakeholders.

Social Media Promotions

Sweepstakes and contests are an excellent way to increase your brand’s exposure and build loyalty. We can help you design effective contests that take advantage of your brand positioning and that help build your ROI in social media.

Executive Branding

Your organization’s leadership team can make a significant impact on your brand and your digital presence. Executive branding creates a way for you to take advantage of your team’s expertise and thought leadership. We help you develop your executive’s digital presence and connect it with your nonprofit organization’s strategy.

Digital Advertising Management

Digital advertising has changed a lot in the past decade. We can help you navigate digital advertising and develop ads that result in conversions. Our digital advertising team works with clients to build search, social, and display advertising that works.

Digital Metrics & Reporting

We focus a lot on driving results for our clients. But how do you measure success? Our digital reporting team can analyze campaigns and craft the right changes to meet your goals.

White Label Social Media Marketing

Do you own an agency or direct mail firm? We can help your clients with social media and work through your brand. Contact us to discuss solutions!

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