Mission Clicks is a full service digital marketing agency that serves non-profit organizations and for profit businesses.  Our qualified social media team knows exactly what must be done to create a return on your digital marketing marketing investment. We love telling stories and creating messaging that reflects your vision.  You have an amazing story and we would love to help you tell it through digital media.

Mission Clicks believes in partnership.  We can come alongside your great work and help you project your voice in the digital space. We can help foster an online community and help you find more leads, partners, and people invested in your cause. You don’t need to spend time posting messages, links, or tweeting, we can craft messaging that generates results and meets the goals you’ve set for your organization.

Social media and the digital space might be confusing or frustrating for you.  You have a great story or message to share but wish it could all just magically happen…this is where we come in.  We certainly are not magicians, but we can be your voice in social media. We help you build an effective social media strategy and then execute it.

Your voice matters!

Missions Clicks can help you navigate the waters of social media and have your voice heard. Our team is different than most social media agencies: we extend your organization’s voice into social media and execute a plan designed to meet your goals. It isn’t just about fans and followers, it’s about creating donors, customers, and partners.

Contact us to talk about how we can partner together to make your voice heard online: engage@missionclicks.com or call us toll free at 1-855-9-CLICKS (1-855-925-4257).

Meet Our Team

Mike Meyers

Mike has spent the last 17 years in the non-profit industry, much of this time in senior leadership roles and consulting. Mike is known as an innovator and excellent fundraiser. His passion is to help non-profits share their story and find their voice. Mike has an MA in Theology and an MA in Intercultural Studies, which has helped him to create messaging and strategy for a global audience. He has been responsible for creating and implementing marketing campaigns on 5 continents, and currently working on number 6. Mike leads business development, operations, and cross-platform strategy at Mission Clicks.

Jeremy Reis

Jeremy’s worked in a variety of corporate, consulting, and non-profit roles. He started his career on the tech side and after finishing his MBA at The Ohio State University, he jumped over to marketing with non-profits. He understands and speaks fluent geek, while being able to translate real business needs into actionable plans. At Mission Clicks, Jeremy leads our digital strategy efforts and oversees our messaging team.

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